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    • Alpha Review connects you to the real world of finance.We’re a group of business lovers, problem solvers and critical thinkers. We’re proud of what we’ve been able to build; delivering superior value and convenience to our clients as well as helping improve the talent in our local economy, making talent more talented.

      We founded Alpha Review after working at both large National and International Corporate Finance and Accounting firms. At those firms, we championed for continued education and providing services tailored to our client and students needs. After years of improving other firms, we decided it was time to focus on building a world class firm. A firm that delivers best in class service to our advisory clients as well as improve individual's skills and knowledge applicable in the real world of Finance, empowering you for success.

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      • Our weekend class is a complete program meeting the needs of busy professionals and students. This program will enable each candidate to cover the most critical aspects of the CFA Program curriculum with a heavy emphasis on practical, intuitive problem solving.
      • The weekly rhythm ensures the candidates understand the theory and apply it immediately before moving on to the next concept.
      • It is ideal for candidates who learn better in a completely focused environment. Our CFA instructors help dissect complicated material in a practical way.
      • More intense coverage than traditional evening classes that usually drag leaving students exhausted and stressed with no time for personal study time after a long working day.
      • Smaller classroom sizes allowing for individual attention from our dedicated staff who have been through it themselves.
      • Our easy payment plan spreads out payments for registration fees over three months allowing you to enjoy greater financial flexibility.


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