Alpha Review provides business consultancy services. As a strategic advisor we have a deep understanding of finance and value creation addressing a wide range of issues.
After working at both large National and International Corporate Finance and Accounting firms, where we championed for continued education and providing services tailored to our client needs; we decided it was time to focus on building a world class firm that delivers best in class service to our clients.
Our team is active in the valuation community, being part of leading industry and education groups including the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFAI), East African Society of Investment Professionals (EASIP), Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
  • At Alpha Review our focus is on having experienced personnel lead every project. Unlike other firms that only perform general supervision of junior staff, our entire team is directly involved in every key value judgment, involved in our consulting services. We believe that experience is the key to providing our clients with the service they deserve.
    World class service does not mean top costs for services. By customizing our services to your needs, we identify not only what is necessary to provide top level services, but also plan the most efficient way to deliver those services. Most importantly, we strive to understand your timing needs and eliminate those problems that can delay our work.
    Alpha Review’s team keep the industry specific needs of our clients in mind at all times. More importantly, our in-depth consideration of the markets and industry performance factors allow our experts to provide insightful and meaningful analysis to our clients.
  • At Alpha Review wealth of experience to understand and develop individuals and organisations. Our key value add is in the fundraising process. We are keen on assisting companies with fundraising from due diligence, financial models, valuation, deal structuring and eventually fundraising.
    Our solutions are driven by the needs of the client and crafted from the expertise of our professionals.
    Our areas of expertise include:
    • Investment Advisory
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Investment Strategies
    • Capital to Entrepreneurs
    • Strategy and Investment Planning
    • Strategy and Performance
    • Research
  • Nothing is more important than the team in your company. The potential to achieve results and unleash their minds is limitless. But how do you identify, motivate and retain the talent in your company?
    Alpha Review has the power to unleash hidden potential and boost performance across your organization as we uncover crucial business skill gaps that are holding your business back. With more organizations cutting their travel budgets and aiming to reduce employee time spent away from the office, we focus on providing onsite solutions were practicable. Contact Us for customized solutions to tailor fit your needs.
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  • Industries Served

    · Financial Services/ Investing · Manufacturing · Retail · Transport · Distribution/ Logistics · Natural Resources · Technology · Healthcare · Construction · Entertainment

  • Key Expertise Focus

    • Due Diligence
    • Financial Models
    • Valuation
    • Deal Structuring
    • Fundraising