Alpha Review is a leading provider of CFA® Exam review courses. Our preparation programs are designed for your success and we are committed to helping you through every step of the way. We have a deep understanding of the CFA® curriculum, experience of its demands and rewards of successfully completing it. The prestige of the CFA® Charter is attributable to the challenging nature of the examinations, and to the rigor and commitment that preparation will require of you. Alpha Review has the expertise needed to ensure you successfully navigate through the journey of attaining the gold standard of professional credentials within the investment community.
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alpha review classroom

alphareview classroom

  • Our Approach

    • Our weekend class is a complete program meeting the needs of busy professionals and students. This program will enable each candidate to cover the most critical aspects of the CFA Program curriculum with a heavy emphasis on practical, intuitive problem solving.
    • The weekly rhythm ensures the candidates understand the theory and apply it immediately before moving on to the next concept.
    • It is ideal for candidates who learn better in a completely focused environment. Our CFA instructors help dissect complicated material in a practical way.

    Our Advantage

    • More intense coverage than traditional evening classes that usually drag leaving students exhausted and stressed with no time for personal study time after a long working day.
    • Smaller classroom sizes allowing for individual attention from our dedicated staff who have been through it themselves.
    • Our easy payment plan spreads out payments for registration fees over three months allowing you to enjoy greater financial flexibility.
  • After six years of continuously improving local talent in the Finance and Investment community we have decided to take a year break to focus on our consulting work. We will resume prep classes in September 2019 for the June 2020 exam.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and wish you the best.
  • Payment Plans

    Alpha Review’s Payment Plan makes it easy to manage CFA© Review Class expenses. Spread out payments for registrations fees over at your convenience. Easy installments; Convenient, Simple & Smart!

    Early Bird Special- 10% off the regular price

    Pay entire course fee before September 22nd and receive 10% off.

    Group discounts

    Special rates are available for three or more people from one company who attend the same course.

    Pay as you go

    Interested in selective classes? Alpha Review has the payment option just for you.
    NOTE: This offer applies to those who make a booking at least 7 days in advance of the class and is subject to space availability. See the Program and contact for seat reservation.

    Didn’t pass the CFA Exam? Try an Alpha Review course at 20% off the regular price

    Alpha Review instructors have what it takes to help you pass the CFA® exam.
    To qualify, you must: Email your official exam results when you register. Provide proof of enrollment in another provider’s CFA exam course.
    NOTE: This offer applies to those who took and did not pass 2017 exams and is subject to space availability.

    Retake our course at 50% off

    We are so confident that taking Alpha Review CFA exam review classes will help you pass the exam, that if you do not pass, we’ll offer you 50% off to retake the course. To qualify, you must:
    Have signed in for at least 80% of the sessions.
    Email your official exam results to Alpha Review when you register.
    Register for the same type of Alpha Review class that you took previously.
    NOTE: This offer applies to those who took and did not pass the 2017 exam and is subject to space availability. There is only one 50% discount retake class per person. Subsequent retakes are at full price.
  • The Alpha Scholarship

    The Alpha Scholarship applications are on an annual basis between February 1st to August 15th of every year. All applications should be emailed to with the subject line THE ALPHA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION containing your resume/CV and no more than 500 word essay as to why you want to achieve the CFA charter. Successful candidates will be contacted via phone for a round of interviews.

    How to qualify

    • Student candidates must hold a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree or be in the final year of their bachelor’s degree program.
    • Student candidate must be attempting the exam level for the first time.
    • Unemployed candidates are also welcome to submit an application.

    Selection process

    Selection will be based on experience as well as an interest in the investment profession, ethical standards, and commitment to Alpha Review courses. Successful candidates will attend entire course at no charge. Prospective applicants should please note that our scholarships do not cover external costs such as the examination fees due to CFA Institute.

    The KM Scholarship

    The KM Scholarship is awarded to a passed Level I student on the basis of academic performance (Alpha Review mock exam and actual CFA® exam results) and participation in class. The scholar receives free tuition for Level II and may be invited to participate at events as an ambassador for Alpha Review. Student must have attended at least 80% of the sessions. Successful candidates will attend entire course at no charge. Prospective applicants should please note that our scholarships do not cover external costs such as the examination fees due to CFA Institute.


“Participating in the Alpha class was one of the most valuable and positive experiences during my CFA Level I prep. It provided me the opportunity to not only identify and focus on my weak areas, but it was also a wonderful chance to demystify CFA and gain the much needed confidence and stamina required to pass the exam. Looking forward to Level II prep - with Alpha of course!”

Juanita K. Karamagi (Mrs.)

“The level 1 CFA course offered by Alpha Review had an objective exam focus and was a useful supplement to my study routine. The lecturer displayed a sublime understanding of the program.”

Nyamu Muthama

"Frankly speaking if I went all out on my own I'd have flanked the test big time. The CFA classes offered by Alpha give an insight on what not to do and what to do, it filters the irrelevant and preps one for D-day... I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to cross the finish line unscathed if one's ready to work with the team of seasoned professionals"

Kelvin Kinyua

"The Alpha Review prep allowed me to focus on key content areas of the CFA Level 1 exam, bring out the grey areas in full technicolor. I would highly recommend this to any individual planning to undertake the CFA program."

Daniel O. Kuyoh

"Alpha review, equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed to pass level 1. The comprehensive study notes prepared were immensely helpful, as well as the tips and strategies to pass, that Kibiru and his collegues gave during class. I'm well aware that the journey has just began but this course was very helpful. That said, the CFA also requires a lot of dedication and determination to pass, but it's worth it."

Sebawali Sio

  • About CFA®

    The CFA Program is a globally recognized, graduate level curriculum that provides a strong foundation of real-world investment analysis and portfolio management skills along with the practical knowledge you need in today’s investment industry. It also emphasizes the highest ethical and professional standards. Exam information CFA institute homepage

  • The CFA® Charter

    A Mark of Professionalism In today’s complex investment environment, a sound educational base is the key to success. Investment professionals need a firm foundation to make good decisions for their clients. Those who are committed to professional excellence can build on this foundation by earning the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) designation.

  • Contact Us

    Telephone: +254 703 906 912 Email: Location: Nairobi International School Twitter @alphareview Are you an employer? Alpha Review students are ideal for internship opportunities or full time positions. Feel free to contact us for suitable candidates.