Alpha Review offers a comprehensive portfolio of leading-edge training for managers, leaders and professionals who want to enhance core skills and stay ahead of evolving trends. Alpha Review’s training and employee development focus on various subject areas including: Finance and Accounting, Accounting Auditing and Controls, Analysis and Planning, Business Cornerstone and Business Excellence.

Our trainings are founded on professionalism which includes active and relevant team participation, professional behavior in training sessions, positive attitude, respect for others, and ability to meet deadlines where necessary.

In today’s ever evolving world of business whether you are a serial entrepreneur, SME or business professional; personal development that will in turn drive out value from your company is critical. At Alpha Review our people understand this and are dedicated to delivering on improving your Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes.

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  • The following are our training subject areas:

      Fundamentals of Financial Modeling and Forecasting

    Get the basic skills you need to accurately predict revenues and costs. Whether you’re new to forecasting or simply in need of a briskly-paced refresher, this training will help you see into—and plan—your company’s future!

      Advanced Financial Modeling and Forecasting

    Build more powerful and more accurate forecasting models to better analyze financial data, predict revenues and costs, assess risks—and justify critical business decisions.

      Finance for Non-Financial Managers

    In today's business world, when every manager is held accountable for the bottom line, you have to be finance savvy!

      Real Estate Valuation for East Africa

    Increase your understanding of the rapidly growing East African Real Estate sector, allowing you to take full advantage of profitable property finance opportunities.

    NOTE: We are obliged to cancel or postpone courses due to lack of quorum

  • Take the next step on your path to success by sharpening your skills and staying ahead of the competition with Alpha Review. We help you recognize the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes that you possess and steer their development.

    An emphasis on communication skills, critical thinking, teamwork capabilities, technological skills and business writing form the foundation of our training courses for individuals, keeping your skills sharp and your financial acumen strong and focused

  • Our weekend trainings are a complete program meeting the needs of busy professionals. Our maximum capacity per training session is 25 persons allowing for dedicated attention from our trainers. Nothing is more important than the team in your company. The potential to achieve results and unleash their minds is limitless. But how do you identify, motivate and retain the talent in your company? Alpha Review has the power to unleash hidden potential and boost performance across your organization as we uncover crucial business skill gaps that are holding your business back.

    With more organizations cutting their travel budgets and aiming to reduce employee time spent away from the office, we focus on providing onsite solutions were practicable. Contact Us for customized solutions to tailor fit your needs.

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“The training offered by Alpha Review on financial modeling is focused and very relevant for any financial professional."

Charles Andere, Fund Management,
Co-op Trust Investment Services

“The training at Alpha Review on Financial Modeling has been invaluable and has laid for me a great foundation. The material is relevant and the trainer well knowledgeable. I look forward to interacting with the team in future training modules.”

Lydia Muchiri, Fund Management
Co-op Trust Investment Services

"After my training on Financial Modeling at Alpha Review I am more comfortable and confident with modeling since I was given a solid foundation."

Augustine Misoka, Research Analyst,
Sterling Capital

“The Alpha review training gives a clear understanding of relationships between financial statements and a line item by line item forecast approach, while emphasizing on both accuracy and presentation of the model. The trainer effectively applies theories of valuation to provide relevant solutions to practical modeling problems. He is open minded and structures the classes in an easy to grasp and enjoyable manner. As an analyst who attended both the fundamental and advanced class, I would strongly recommend this course to individuals looking to hone their skills in financial modeling.”

Tracy Kivunyu, Research Analyst,
African Alliance

“The ability to model effectively is crucial in finance; as an analyst, it is the lingua franca. Alpha Review understand this and the training provides a solid foundation necessary in the financial industry.”

Mweso Sichale, Investment Analyst,

“I liked the hands-on nature of the class and good examples used. The instructor was not only knowledgeable and informative, he had the real world experience to understand our needs and the ability to bring numbers to light in an easy-to-understand manner. He was patient and easy going. I would recommend Alpha training to anyone with a need to gain advanced financial modeling techniques.”

Amos Kosgey, Portfolio Manager,
Apollo Asset Management

“Financial Modeling is an invaluable skill to have especially for entrepreneurs and investment professionals alike. Beyond just developing financial models, Alpha Review's Fundamental Financial Modeling course greatly enhanced my understanding of the relationship between the 3 financial statements. The course is delivered in a conducive setting by a truly world-class practitioner resulting in a remarkable learning experience.”

Eric Wanyama, Associate,
JM Mantle

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